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Extending Beeminder

See also: Integrations

Thanks to @philip for granting permission to duplicate the content in his API Coding Resources List forum thread!

Graphical Automation Tools

Browser-based Customization

User Scripts

  • Beeminder Power Breaks - User script that adds power features to Beeminder breaks page. Made by @narthur.
  • Beeminder Filters - User script that adds filter buttons to Beeminder dashboard. Made by @narthur.
  • Beeminder Open Tabs - User script that adds links for opening all goals in new tabs from dashboard. Made by @narthur.
  • Greasy Fork - "Welcome to Greasy Fork, a site for user scripts."
  • OpenUserJS - A website for discovering and hosting user scripts.

User Styles



Note that a project's inclusion below does not mean it is official, tested, or endorsed. Use at your own risk.

API Wrappers

Example Projects

Beeminder users use the API to create all sorts of things! Below is only a small sample of the projects that have been published publicly online. Search GitHub to find more. If you know of a project you think should be added to the list below, make a pull request with your addition.







  • tsubery/quantifier - A quantified-self app that tracks various fitness & productivity metrics.